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Analysis of Marketing Costs for a Medical Company

Following a major procurement project at a global medical device company, Prokura was asked to identify and create a clear understanding of the effectiveness of the company’s marketing consumption.

Over 12 weeks, total marketing costs were analyzed across all subsidiaries. These showed that there were large differences in the effectiveness and ROI across the subsidiaries. These differences could not be explained by systemic market fluctuations alone. The mapping of marketing costs made it clear that there was a need to streamline investments in marketing across the organization.

Subsequently, a new global marketing category was developed to manage future purchases in this area as well as an exhaustive list of suggestions for improvements that could ensure increased efficiency moving forward. Furthermore, we identified a number of guiding principles on how marketing budgets should be allocated across the company and launched a series of activities that increased the company’s return on marketing investment. To conclude the project, we helped draw up the structure of the new marketing function.

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Big differences

in ROI of marketing investments across subsidiaries


of global marketing category

New structure

of the marketing function

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