Transport and logistics industry,

Development of an operational procurement strategy for a shipping company

Operational procurement is often an overlooked and undervalued area. In this context, a global transportation and logistics company’s partially centralized operational purchasing function has been neglected for several years despite its operational purchases of more than 20 billion DKK. Therefore, the company’s operational procurement function was in need of a new strategic approach.

In collaboration with the management of the firm’s procurement unit, Prokura introduced a workshop-based process which identified the internal stakeholders’ perception of operational purchasing and its relation to realizing the company’s main objectives. Based on our unique model of developing procurement strategies, the working group could set new ambitious goals, identify specific and value-adding activities, and decide which organizational and systemic changes were needed to succeed with the defined strategy. Finally, the new strategy was presented and anchored with top management and other important stakeholders within the company.

Overall, the project gave the operational procurement function a significantly changed role, a lot better internal image within the organization, and much stronger mandate.

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A new

strategy put buying on the agenda

Better image

and stronger mandate of the function

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