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Execution of a rapid repricing project for a global industrial parts manufacturer

A leading global supplier of compressors and automated solutions to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry asked for our assistance in designing and executing a ‘rapid impact’ initiative covering around 150 mEUR of spend in both direct and indirect categories. Within 3 months, we’ve already achieved 1 m EUR of savings. The full year savings exceeded 2.5m EUR. The results were achieved without entering into a more traditional complex and time consuming sourcing process. Prokura drove and led design, roll-out and execution.

The project proved to be an enormous success. Not only were exceptional savings achieved, the organisation was also left with a range of tangible deliverables including:

  • an ideas list of the critical levers to use when entering into supplier negotiations
  • a rapid repricing reference guide
  • templates for negotiation support
  • a detailed tracking tool to follow further savings as they develop
  • letters, LOI’s and other documents vital to the approach

To find out more about this case and other large-scale rapid repricing initiatives, please contact Christian Svane.

Christian Svane

+45 22 20 33 34

1m EUR

of savings in 3 months

Full year

savings of more than 2.5m EUR

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