Private equity funds,

Purchasing diagnostic for a private equity fund

Top management in a small private equity firm decided to investigate the potential for optimizing the purchasing categories across the fund’s portfolio of companies (total indirect procurement spend of more than 80 million DKK). The private equity fund chose Prokura to identify potential savings.

In just two weeks, Prokura conducted a thorough diagnostic of indirect purchases to analyze potential savings. The diagnostic was divided into four phases:

  • Phase 1: qualitative and quantitative data collection
  • Phase 2: detailed validation, consolidation and categorization of the collected data
  • Phase 3: identification of potential savings areas
  • Phase 4: establish recommendations on how to realize the identified potential savings

Prokura’s diagnostic fundamentally changed the private equity fund’s perception of the possibilities for managing purchasing categories across its portfolio of companies. At the same time, the transparency provided through the analysis allowed for a much better opportunity in managing the various purchasing categories.

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A thorough analysis

in just two weeks

Significant changes

in attitudes as a result of the analysis

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