At Prokura, the way up the career ladder is driven by your results and your ambitions.

At Prokura, we seek ambitious new team members who want to work with the best. Whether you are an experienced senior consultant and or a skilled graduate, the journey at Prokura offers a unique and educational experience which allows you to develop your own personal and professional networks.

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A career at Prokura

At Prokura we typically have two types of applicants; experienced consultants in search of new challenges and talented graduates who want to develop their skills and enhance their future career opportunities. Wherever you are in your career, we can provide you an exciting opportunity to grow with the best.

Our career model consists of five levels. Each level is associated with greater expectations of your abilities and skills. All of our consultants are constantly being evaluated and we expect our employees to gradually assume greater responsibility and take on more challenges in both project management and direct contact with our clients.

At Prokura, the way up the career ladder is driven by your results and your ambition – we recognize and reward employees who make an outstanding contribution.

Here is an overview of the roles we offer at Prokura:

If you have recently graduated from university or business school with a master’s degree, you can apply for a position on the first rung of Prokura’s career ladder. As a Consultant, you get to grips with the basic required tools and develop the business skills that are necessary to make a strong contribution towards our client projects. You will be assigned to a variety of projects and be responsible for data collection, analysis and the provision of facts and evidence. You will also receive regular training to help you to become a successful expert and leader.

Consultants that deliver results and show great potential will be promoted to Senior Consultants after approximately 2 years.

This role is designed for master graduates with relevant work experience, MBA students and Consultants with great potential. Your experience and maturity will help you to develop complex strategic solutions, and we expect you to assume leadership responsibility within your team. A Senior Consultant has more direct contact with our clients and everything you do will be aimed at helping our clients achieve better bottom-line results. Learning opportunities for a Senior Consultant with Prokura appear in many ways, from training courses to informal coaching and feedback on a daily basis.

If you are successful as a Senior Consultant, you advance to the next step in our career model after approximately 2 years and become Project Manager.

As a Project Manager, you advance from being an individual contributor to becoming a true team leader. You are given ownership of the client’s problem and responsibility for coordinating your team members’ activities. You operate in close contact with our clients and help to directly present the project. We expect that your solutions make a real impact for our clients.

As a Project Manager, we consider you to be an “Associate Principal in training”. You will learn to handle the whole analytical process and become an expert in our clients’ industry-specific and individual issues.

At this level, your primary focus is to provide leadership and the sale of solutions to our clients. By solving our clients’ challenges and delivering measurable value, you also help to create new business opportunities for us.

You are an inspiring leader, responsible for ensuring that the Consultants and Senior Consultants who are associated with your projects constantly evolve and become better and stronger.

As a Partner, you are one of the most experienced Consultants at Prokura. Our Partners are responsible for creating the best environment for employees to develop and make sure Prokura becomes an increasingly influential player in the world of procurement and supply chain.

Recruitment process

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  • 4. The final round

Working at Prokura

“What I love about working at Prokura is the diversity of projects and the great teams you are part off. As a women in consulting I appreciate the equal opportunities environment, and the fact that through our specialized toolbox we create value to our clients from day 1. The learning curve has been intense and challenging, but the support I receive from my colleagues means it is not overwhelming. I feel very happy to be part of this dynamic and diverse crowd and can’t wait to move to the next step at Prokura.”

Andra Jainea

“Culture is really important to me. Joining Prokura gives me access to a great working culture within the company, and as well exposure to different company cultures through client engagements. Applying knowledge and insights to various stakeholders in a way that is tailored to fit their needs brings an interesting dimension to consulting, a dimension that I believe Prokura is managing exceptionally.”

Niclas Hammarling